All About Grounding Electrical Service In Lake Stevens

All About Grounding Electrical Service In Lake StevensHave you heard of grounding electrical service? Do you know why it is essential for your Lake Stevens home’s wiring? We are here at In-House Electric to address any questions you have about this and any other electrical services.

What is Electrical Grounding?

When you have grounding service done, it allows excess electricity a safe, effective route from your appliance back into the ground via your home’s electrical panel. Electrical grounding is essentially a backup pathway that gets used whenever you have a fault within your wiring system.

Built-In Protections

The wiring system in a home also has other safety elements to help prevent a disaster. Your fuses or circuit protectors help control and protect each individual electrical circuit. This is a safeguard against overheating should they get overloaded by an excessive electrical current.

It is also common for the metal plumbing pipework in your home to be connected to your grounding pathway. This gives additional protection should electricity contact the metal pipes. The grounding could be established by a wire clamped to a metal water pipe near the public water line entering the home.

There are several names you may hear for electrical grounding, including:

  • Instrument ground
  • Analog ground
  • Digital ground
  • Neutral
  • Earth ground
  • Common ground

Proper grounding is a crucial safety measure for all electrical installations and systems. The exposed portion of electrical equipment gets grounded, so an internal wiring failure will not raise the voltage of these parts to dangerous levels.

Each electrical circuit has to be complete for the current to flow. For many applications, an electrical grounding service gives a circuit return path. If you have any questions, are upgrading your electrical, or have issues with your current ground, we are here to help at In-House Electric.

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