Are You Looking For Electrical Knob & Tube Wiring Help In Sammamish?

Are You Looking For Electrical Knob & Tube Wiring Help In Sammamish?

There are some projects around your home that you can do yourself, while other projects require professional expertise. For instance, your Sammamish home’s electrical knob & tube wiring is something that would require professionalism and knowledge, which is where In-House Electric can help!

Your electrical work and electrical systems age along with your home. Therefore, if your home is decades old, you will likely have some electrical issues that require regular maintenance and repair.

Some signs that you need electrical maintenance or repair for knob & tube include:

  • Intense burning smells or plastic odors around the house without indicating a fire or smoke.
  • Flickering lights in one or two rooms or throughout the home.
  • Outlets that have stopped working entirely.
  • Burn marks or small smoke trails around home outlets.
  • Tripping circuit breakers, often.
  • Any buzzing or electric crackling noises when you flip a light switch on.

How Often Should You Get Your Home’s Electrical Systems Checked?

While most electrical companies suggest getting your electrical systems checked every 3 to 5 years, the answer to this question depends on your home’s age. At the least, you should have your outlets checked for function at least twice per year.

How Does Rewiring and Replacement Work?

In-House Electric is dedicated to your safety and comfort. For your first appointment for electrical knob & tube rewiring & replacement in Sammamish, we will thoroughly inspect your home to diagnose the issues and develop a plan to repair, replace, and remedy your electrical problems. From there, we have the tools and materials needed to rewire and replace the electrical knob and tubes that need to be repaired. Of course, our estimates are competitive and dependent on the damage and size of your electrical systems. We are accommodating to your time and budget. Please call us for more information or to schedule an appointment for an in-home inspection. (425) 399-8673.