Call In-House Electric for Diagnostics, Inspections, and Replacements of Your Electrical Outlets!

Call In-House Electric for Diagnostics, Inspections, and Replacements of Your Electrical Outlets!

All of the components of your home combine to bring you years of comforts and luxuries. You have hot water for bubble baths and soothing showers, and electricity provides you with decades of convenience. However, electrical outlets don’t last forever, so the older your electrical system is, the more prone your home is to problems. Hence why you should schedule electrical outlet replacement in SeaTac with In-House Electric.

We at In-House Electric are adept in repairs and replacements across many electrical services. While electrical outlets may seem easy to replace, you must hire a professional for expertise and experience. Unless you have professional knowledge and hands-on experience, electrical work shouldn’t be a DIY project.

Our In-House Electric professionals are well-equipped and capable of handling the risks of electrical works. Our technicians have worked on hundreds of thousands of electrical issues, including routine inspections and preventative care. Therefore, you are safe and secure with us. Trust us with your comfort.

How Long Do Electrical Outlets Typically Last in the Average Home?

It’s common for electrical outlets to last 40-50 years, or even more in some cases, depending on how old the electrical system is and how often the electricity is used. Typically, an electrical outlet will present signs of needing replacements, such as:

  • Small electrical shocks when you touch the outlet.
  • The outlet cover feels warm or hot to the touch.
  • The outlet cover is broken or cracked, making it difficult to insert plugs.

The average home’s electrical system should be inspected every three to five years. This is preventative care that allows electricians to detect problems earlier.

Schedule an Inspection or Replacement Appointment with In-House Electric!

At In-House Electric, we take your comfort seriously. This is why we always accommodate your time. Contact us at (425) 399-8673 to schedule an inspection or an appointment for electrical outlet replacement in SeaTac.