Ceiling Fan Installation North Bend

Are you looking to improve air circulation in a room or cut down on your heating and cooling bills? In-House Electric’s expert technicians can upgrade your existing fixtures with ceiling fan installation in North Bend, lighting, or any new wiring or equipment you may need. Whether you need a fan replaced or a new one installed, we’ve got you covered. With over 40 years of experience, you can rely on us to get the job done fast, effectively, and efficiently.


Ceiling Fan Benefits


There are many reasons homeowners choose to have ceiling fans installed in the various areas of their home. For starters, these small items can change the temperature by four or five degrees when in use. They can be used to cool down the room or even draw out the warmth by reversing the direction. This allows you to save energy while staying comfortable in the room.


Another benefit is that they can add lighting as well. If you don’t want a blast of light from a brighter fluorescent, then consider a ceiling fan. They can fit in easily with all of your current décor.




As with all electrical appliances, you want to trust the professionals to do the job. There are things that can go wrong when the installation isn’t done by an expert. Our team can come in, discuss your goals or needs with you, find the right fan, and install it in no time. You want to ensure that the fan is secure and working properly. To do that, rely on the experts here at In-House Electric!


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