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If your breakers frequently trip while using your microwave, dryer, heaters, or other large appliances, a circuit dedicated to that appliance may be the solution. At In-House Electric, we can quickly and efficiently diagnose your problem and provide dedicated electrical circuit installation, upgrades & replacement in Arlington that will deliver the power your appliances require without causing you problems.


What is a Dedicated Circuit?


When it comes to larger appliances, they can drain a lot of energy at once. That’s where dedicated circuits come in. These are installed to directly power that appliance and make sure it has the correct amperage to do the job properly. This will allow it to draw the energy it needs without causing the breaker to trip while in use.


Many larger appliances need these types of dedicated circuits installed. For example, the dryer, refrigerator, furnace, heat pump, and dishwasher are just a few. Even some of your smaller items, such as a toaster or window AC unit can require these as well.


Installation, Upgrade, or Replacement


With over 40 years of experience on the team, we can evaluate your home and provide the expertise needed for your new circuits. We can take a look at your existing box and offer you the best course of action. There are different amperages for different types of appliances. Your installation pro will go over all this information with you and discuss your concerns with you. Once you have gone over the estimate, asked all your questions, and approved the installation, we can get started right away in improving your home.


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