Des Moines Property Owners Call Us For Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair

There could be any number of reasons why you may want to call a professional electrician to your Des Moines property. Should you have unexplained issues like dimming or flickering lights, switches that stop working, or buzzing sounds when electricity is in use, you need prompt electrical troubleshooting and repair work. In-House Electric is happy to send a technician out to take a look as soon as possible.

Why Choose In-House Electric?

We feature well-trained technicians with plenty of experience in the electrical field. Once you call us for an issue, we can come to your property to learn more about what you are experiencing and begin troubleshooting. Not only can we pinpoint the problem, but we will also offer solutions and explanations of why it is happening. If we can fix this on the spot, we will estimate the cost and get started.

If the issue is more involved, we may schedule another date to come back and finish the project. It is always our main goal to ensure all of our customers are happy with the work. We always take the time to take care of all repair and electrical upgrade work in the most efficient, safest manner possible.

Do Not Go DIY

While there are plenty of videos online that you can watch and learn about electrical issues, there are many dangers from handling electrical work alone. Additionally, you could seriously injure yourself and others or create an issue that leads to a fire hazard. If any electrical work is not performed according to local codes, other problems could arise.

Our fully certified team is available for all of your installations, repair work, and everything else that will ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Call In-House Electric at (425) 399-8673 to schedule an electrician for electrical troubleshooting and repair at your Des Moines home or business.