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If your home is over 30 years old, it may be time to consider wiring updates or even complete replacement. That thought can be pretty daunting to consider! However, that’s why the experts at In-House Electric are here. We provide reliable, quality service backed by over 40 years of experience. From the latest electrical work updates to providing the service you need, you can count on our team. If you require electrician wiring updates & replacement in La Conner or the surrounding area, look no further than the pros here.


Signs It’s Time to Replace or Update Wires


There are a few signals that alert you to the need for an electrician to evaluate the wiring in your home. It’s best to call in a pro whenever you’re concerned about any electrical item. These are not projects that you want to do on your own.


The signs to consider include:

  • Age of the home – How old is the home itself? When was the last time any wiring was evaluated? If the structure got built before 1985, it may be time to update certain aspects.
  • Outlets – Are the outlet covers discolored? Do you have enough of them, or do you find yourself constantly using extension cords? This is a sign that you need a professional to evaluate the system. Discolored outlets mean there’s an issue in the system somewhere.
  • Breakers – When you find yourself constantly tripping breakers when using items in the home, it’s time for an update. This means it’s not enough power to properly use the appliance without causing a strain.
  • Lights – When items are in use, you may notice the lights flickering or getting dim. Again, this is a sign that your system can’t handle what’s being done correctly, and it’s time to upgrade.


Our technicians will come out to the home, evaluate the current wiring you have, and provide the best solution for updating the system. Whether you need a complete remodel or you need a new panel installed, the experts here can help.


If you find yourself in need of electrician wiring updates & replacement in La Conner, call the pros at (425) 399-8673 for quality, dependable service.


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