Give In-House Electric a Call for Your Ceiling Fan and Electrical Fixture Installations!

Give In-House Electric a Call for Your Ceiling Fan and Electrical Fixture Installations!

While some things in your home are DIY-worthy, not everything is. For instance, ceiling fan installation in North Bend is something that you should hire a professional to do. Why? Because anything dealing with electricity carries risks and danger. In-House Electric technicians are certified to handle dangerous and risky situations that involve electrical currents, repairs, and installations. Need help? Give us a call instead of putting yourself in harm’s way with a “DIY project” that should be handled by a professional.

Typically, installing electrical fixtures like ceiling fans will take one to two hours, depending on how large the ceiling fan is and how high the placement should be. It’s rare for installation to take longer than two hours, but if it does, it’s likely due to old or mixed wiring in the ceiling of your home. This occurs most often in older homes because construction and electrical requirements and expectations differed before the 1960s.

The Costs of Ceiling Fan Installations

While In-House Electric strives to accommodate your time and expenses, ceiling fan installation costs vary based on size, placement, and who provides the ceiling fan. If you have a preplanned ceiling fan, your costs will be less because you provide the hardware for installation.

Our team at In-House Electric can’t definitively give you an estimate on your ceiling fan project until we’ve scoped out a room in your home for proper, safe placement. After an initial consultation, we can provide you with an accurate estimate to accommodate your budget.

Call In-House Electric for Professional Installations of Home Fixtures!

There are dozens of appliances in your home that add to your convenience and comfort. For ceiling fan installation in North Bend, you can call In-House Electric at (425) 399-8673. Our professional electricians are certified to handle the risks and dangers associated with the installation of tricky home appliances.