Is Your Bellevue Electrical Panel in Good Shape?

Is Your Bellevue Electrical Panel in Good Shape?

Our homes today would be in trouble if it wasn’t for electricity. Electricity fuels our appliances, provides light and charges everything from curling irons to iPads. But it doesn’t just magically appear in our homes. It comes through your home via your electrical panel from the electric company. Most of us never give the electrical panel in our homes a second thought – that is until a fuse blows. When that happens, the circuit is being overloaded. In-House Electric provides electrical panel installation, upgrades, and replacements in Bellevue homes whenever you need assistance.

What Shape is Your Electrical Panel In?

You do your best to save money. You turn off the lights, you lower your thermostat, and you buy energy-efficient appliances. But did you know if your electrical panel has a problem or is outdated, it can increase your electric bill? Older models are not always up to newer code standards. If your panel keeps overloading, you could end up with a power outage. It can also damage electrical devices in the home.

Doing a Major System Upgrade

If you are installing or replacing a generator or HVAC system, you should have your electrical panel checked. Many times, with system upgrades such as that, the panel needs to be upgraded as well. The newer systems can overpower the panel. We can check that out for you and provide any needed upgrades or changes.

Protect Your Home

An inefficient or damaged electrical panel can cause high bills and power outages, but it can also cause fires. When wires short out, the sparks can ignite nearby flammable material. It would be best if you plugged in the toaster and the coffee pot simultaneously without worrying about the risk. If you need electrical panel installation, upgrades, and replacements in Bellevue, call the pros at In-House Electric. Our number is (425) 399-8673.