Is Your Kirkland Home Properly Grounded?

Is Your Kirkland Home Properly Grounded?

In today’s homes, electricity is critical. Without it, we wouldn’t have lights, working appliances, or HVAC systems to keep us comfortable. Even when a house has gas appliances and heating, you still need electricity to run everything else and to have lights. Most of us do not think much about our homes when it comes to safety and electricity. We assume all is well behind the walls. But proper grounding is so important. At In-House Electric, we provide grounding electrical service in Kirkland.

Why Is Proper Grounding So Important?

The simple answer is – to avoid getting electrocuted. If lightning strikes your home, without the proper grounding, everything metal in the home becomes electrified. This means anyone touching those surfaces gets a shock. This can cause serious problems or kill you. Installing the proper grounding is not a DIY project. You want a trained and experienced electrician to do that. In-House Electric has the right technicians with plenty of experience and top-notch training. Here are some of the benefits of professional grounding:

  1. Prevents accidental shock
  2. It keeps electrical fires from happening
  3. It helps protect electrical devices from becoming damaged
  4. Lowers the electrical noise in your home
  5. It gives you peace of mind

Does My Home Have What it Needs?

If you are not sure what the grounding situation is in your home, we can come out and do an evaluation. You need to know your home and family are as safe as you can make them. We can provide any electrical services you may need in your home. Some of our services include car charging station installation, electrical outlet replacement, and electrical troubleshooting. Grounding electrical service in Kirkland is just one of the many services we provide. Give us a call at (425) 399-8673.