Professional Dedicated Electrical Circuit Installation For Your SeaTac Property

Professional Dedicated Electrical Circuit Installation For Your SeaTac Property

If you are finding you often trip circuit breakers in your home, you may want to see about having an electrician come to check it out. Many SeaTac homeowners could benefit from dedicated electric circuit installation for appliances. In-House Electric is here to help!

Why Dedicated Circuits?

According to National Electric Code, dedicated circuits are a requirement for various major electrical appliances, including:

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Water heaters

The need for dedicated circuits is to ensure these appliaces are able to operate safely and effectively without overloading your property’s electrical system.

What Are Dedicated Circuits?

A dedicated electrical circuit has a specific purpose, and they have thier own breaker within your property’s electrical box. these are used for single outlets or appliances. No other outlets or appliances will draw energy from the circuit, which is what makes it dedicated for that one purpose.

With the installation of a dedicated circuit, you can access energy without having to worry about tripping circuit breakers or overloading your system. For example, most kitchens will have a few 20-amp dedicated circuits that will only send power to a single outlet along your countertop. What this does is help home cooks run several smaller appliances at one time without tripping the breakers constantly.

The two levels of dedicated circuits include:

  • 20-amp
  • 30-50 amp

Dedicated Circuits Are Important

You should have dedicated circuits to help protect your home, family, and appliances.

  • Any appliances working without a dedicated circuit could draw more than our outlet can handle. This means overheating wire insulation, blowing fuses, and tripping breakers.
  • The wiring for a dedicated circuit is equally as important as having a fully functional breaker. Appliances wired to dedicated circuits that do not have the right amperage or wire sizing could overheat and result in a fire.

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