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Owning a Tesla or other electric car is an exciting prospect. However, it also means you will need to consider working with a Tesla & electric car certified EVC circuit installation provider in Darrington and the surrounding area. That is because you want to be able to charge your vehicle at your home while you’re there overnight or for extended periods of time. This gives you the most charge to start your day the right way. That’s where In-House Electric comes in. Our experts are certified in installing, repairing, and maintaining your circuit connections.

Why a New Installation is Preferred

While some vehicles can be adapted to fit your normal household plugs, it is recommended to have a charging station installed. One of the reasons is that this will give you a great charging speed. This means that instead of a trickle charge with a typical outlet, the car will charge much faster. Another added benefit is that this adds another level of safety features. This protects your home and your car as it is getting ready for the day ahead.

Professional Installation

As with most electrical installs, this is not something you want to do yourself. You want to work with a certified installer that can ensure everything is done properly and on time. This keeps your home and your vehicle safe.

Level Options

Installing the charging station can include a variety of levels. There’s the level one install that is good for plug-in hybrids. Level 2 is preferred for Tesla. There’s also an option for a level 3 install that fits any vehicle. Our installation technician will go over the best option for your vehicle and budget.

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