The Warning Signs Your Clyde Hill Home Needs Electrical Outlet Replacement

The Warning Signs Your Clyde Hill Home Needs Electrical Outlet Replacement

There’s a lot that goes into the care and maintenance of your home, especially when it comes to maintaining your comfort and convenience. One thing that needs preventative maintenance is your electrical receptacles and outlets; those wall sockets rarely get any attention unless there’s a noticeable issue. Do you know the warning signs of a home that needs an electrical outlet replacement near Clyde Hill? Allow us to enlighten you!

On average, electrical outlets should last between fifteen to twenty-five years with regular maintenance and preventative care. However, the longevity of an electrical outlet often depends on the make, model, and use, so that some outlets could fail in as little as five years. Hence, the need for regular services to check them.

Some warning signs of failing electrical outlets include:

  • Burning or smoking smell coming from around the outlet.
  • Wisps of smoke or burn marks around the outlet.
  • Excessive heat to the touch.
  • Has become an attraction to pests like spiders, ants, or roaches.
  • Buzzing or popping noises when in use.
  • Sparks or electrical zaps when plugging anything into the outlet.
  • Cracks or hairline fractures in the outlet cover.
  • Warped edges around the outlet.

How Long Does It Normally Take to Replace an Electrical Outlet?

On average, it takes roughly one to two hours to replace an electrical outlet. This includes checking the wires to ensure that everything is working properly. Electrical outlet replacements usually cost between $65 to $125.

Electrical Outlet Issues? Give In-House Electric a Buzz!

At In-House Electric, we have the expertise and knowledge required for thorough electrical outlet replacement near Clyde Hill. Our experience has helped us become one of the best in the city, and we are happy to pass our know-how down to you. For more information on our services, give us a call at (425) 399-8673.