Upgrade Electrical Service Panels in Your Seattle Home to Avoid Future Problems!

Upgrade Electrical Service Panels in Your Seattle Home to Avoid Future Problems!

Have you noticed the lights in your Burien home flickering? Have there been random smells of smoke in the air? Good news… it’s not a poltergeist. Bad news… it could be time for electrical service panel upgrades to keep your home safe and secure from electrical issues. Better news… we at In-House Electric are well-equipped to handle your electrical needs, including but not limited to home electrical rewiring and replacements, electrical knob and tube repairs, dedicated circuit installations, and electrical remodeling and renovations.

So much of your home relies on the smooth flow of electricity and energy. When this flow is disrupted, it can become dangerous. Suddenly, you receive small shocks by touching certain appliances, the outlets feel hot to the touch, and you may even see a red-hot glow from within the outlets themselves. It can be scary, but your quick thinking to call In-House Electric can solve any problem.

The average lifespan for a home electrical service panel is 25 to 40 years, but that can vary depending on everyday use, as well as the make and model of the panel. Age isn’t always the most significant indicator of an appliance that needs replacement or repairs, so it’s essential to remain attentive to signs of problems.

Some of those negative signs of an issue include:

  • Flickering lights in different areas of the home.
  • Random burning smells that don’t seem to have an obvious source.
  • Outlets spark or get too hot when in use.
  • Shocks from appliances that you usually had no problem with.
  • Corrosion or burn marks around the panel.

Electrical service panel upgrades could keep your Burien home safe, secure, and in top-notch condition for another couple of decades. So, don’t hesitate to call In-House Electric at (425) 399-8673 for a consultation or when you sense an issue.