What Keeps a Home’s Electrical Knob & Tube Wiring from Overheating?

What Keeps a Home’s Electrical Knob & Tube Wiring from Overheating?

Older homes were built differently in comparison to newer homes. Different materials were used, and older construction and electrical work followed different standards. While still standing beautifully, some of those homes are experiencing electrical issues, and that’s where In-House Electric could come in handy. We are a mere phone call away for electrical knob & tube rewiring and replacement in Redmond.

In-House Electric’s electricians are well-trained and well-equipped to handle the electrical problems of both modern and older homes. In the days of older construction, electrical knob and tube wiring were given space around each cable to prevent overheating and electrical hazards. Nowadays, our electricians are well-versed in handling electrical upgrades to use your home’s space better while promising the utmost safety.

Sometimes the first sign of an electrical issue is calling out electricians for more inspections. Most homes need comprehensive electrical inspections every three to five years, but the need may be greater for homes with older wiring systems.

Signs that you may need an electrical inspection for a consultation about your older home’s electrical knob and tube wiring include:

  • Electrical buzzing or zapping sounds when a switch is flipped for the lights.
  • Lights that flicker at random but seem to increase in frequency over time.
  • Tripped circuit breakers occur more and more often over time.
  • Burn marks, hot outlet plates, light smoking, and a burning smell coming from outlets around your home.

Call In-House Electric for an Inspection and Consultation!

It might be time for a wiring upgrade to decrease hazardous risks in your home, enabling you to live more comfortably with peace of mind. To discuss the possibility of electrical knob & tube rewiring and replacement in Redmond, call In-House Electric to schedule a consultation for an inspection. Contact us at (425) 399-8673 for more info.