Who Can You Call for Lighting Installation, Upgrades & Replacement in Shoreline?

Who Can You Call for Lighting Installation, Upgrades & Replacement in Shoreline?

Lighting does so much for your mood and atmosphere. It can evoke feelings of romance and love. It can make you feel productive, ambitious, and ready to take on the day. The right lighting can get you ready for bed, halfway between dozing and in dreamland before your head even hits the pillow. So, it stands to reason that you’d call on a professional electrician for lighting installation, upgrades & replacement in Shoreline when you need to brighten your life.

There’s a handful of things that could go wrong with your current lights. Why? Because homes and electricity are fickle things, and sometimes stuff happens, warranting a call to our team at In-House Electric for your lighting hiccups.

  • Buzzing or zapping sounds when the fixture is turned on.
  • Excessive heat around the switch or outlet.
  • Flickering lights. This often indicates an issue with the electrical panel or breaker.
  • Wisps of smoke or a burning smell come from the switch, fixture, or outlet.
  • Repeated burnouts of light bulbs.

The longevity of lighting fixtures is usually measured in the lifespan of the bulb. Incandescent bulbs can last roundabout 1,000 hours, while LED bulbs can last for 50,000 hours, if not more.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting System?

As your home’s electrical system ages, it becomes harder to maintain because wires start going bad, and electrical breakers get more difficult to preserve. Upgrades keep your home’s electrical system on track for another few decades. However, you need to get your home’s electrical outlets, and fixtures checked once every two to five years.

Call Us for Your Lighting Needs!

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