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Are your breakers constantly tripping? Do your lights dim or flicker when you use a larger appliance such as a microwave or a vacuum cleaner? Do you currently have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco service panel? If so, your electrical panel or the fuse box may need replacing. That’s where In-House Electric comes in. We provide professional electrical service panel upgrades & replacements in Maple Valley When it comes to the electricity in your home, be sure you rely on the experts.


Why an Upgrade or Replacement?


You may be wondering why an upgrade gets recommended for your home. There are many reasons. Homes on the market today may need this service more than they realize. For starters, a lot of the everyday electrical issues we see are centered inside the panel itself. If it is not working properly, then nothing in the house will, and damage will continue to spread throughout your system.


Do you still have a fuse box?


Then it’s time for a replacement. These were quite common in the past, but they are not recommended today.


You may start to notice crackling sounds that are coming from the box or panel, corrosion and rust may begin to appear, and it may even get relatively warm or even hot when it shouldn’t. All of these issues above are cause for a certified electrician to come to inspect the panel.


Are you adding a large appliance?

Before any additions get made, it’s best to call out the pros. This allows us to evaluate the system and ensure nothing but the ease of use.


Replacement or Upgrade

Sometimes we can replace or repair individual breakers in the panel. Other times there is a replacement needed without really upgrading the system. This could be because of items such as rodent excrement, wires that have gotten damaged, water getting into the box, or even just the system’s age.


Other times you need an upgrade entirely to handle the electricity you’re needing. If that’s the case, we are here to help! Our experts are licensed and trained to replace or upgrade your current panel with no issues.


Whether you are upgrading a service panel or fuse box for more capacity or safety, you can always rely on In-House Electric to use the highest quality components and provide our customers with excellent service. Give us a phone call today at (425) 399-8673 – we look forward to talking with you about your electrical service panel upgrades & replacement in Maple Valley.


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